The SEO Playbook

Repeatable step-by-step processes to scale organic traffic and conversions across any website.

Hi, I'm Robbie Richards

Over the last 7+ years, I've built and executed successful search marketing campaigns for a wide range of companies, from small local businesses all the way up to larger well-funded brands.

In the beginning, it was smooth sailing. A one-man show (me), with a handful of clients. But, as my agency began to bring on more clients and the team grew, things changed....

We didn’t have structured processes around any of our core service deliverables. It was a “free-for-all”. We’d all plug in our headphones, log into some tools, pop open a couple spreadsheets...and stare at the screen.

"Where do I start?" and "What do I do next?"...

Those were two common questions both in the office, and at home while working on personal website projects. Whether it was performing a technical content audit, or building out a structured keyword map for a large client. The result was a TON of wasted time spinning our wheels, instead of getting shit done.

So, I started building out a library of the repeatable processes I first used to grow my blog from zero to a multi six-figure business, and then generate bottom line results for clients across dozens of different industries, from property management and marine electronics to B2B SaaS and defamation law.

The result is "The SEO Playbook". One of the most in-depth search marketing training courses on the planet.

This is not a beginners level course on theory, but a series of repeatable systems you can use to build marketable skill sets, train and make employees billable faster, and/or implement immediately to grow your business.

What People Are Saying...

Robbie is a marketing practitioner who runs his own agency. He really knows his stuff, and, most importantly, he's great at teaching it!

Tim Soulo
(CMO, Ahrefs)

This is one of the most in-depth and actionable SEO
courses out there. I've already found opportunities for my business I previously overlooked. Highly recommend!

Sujan Patel
(Co-Founder, Web Profits)

What Members Get Access To...

Each Playbook comes with everything you need - video trainings, SOPs and templates - to learn, train and implement.


Hours of Video Training


In-Depth Training Modules


Over-the-Shoulder Video Lectures


Templates & Process Docs

Video count


The course is broken down into 23 hyper-focused modules containing over 14hrs of instructional video tutorials.

KW Template


Dozens of pre-built templates including a Content Audit Dashboard, Keyword Research Planner, and more. 

Process Docs


A library of 60+ checklists and process documents you can use to follow course material and train your team. 


No fluff here. You’ll watch over my shoulder as I apply the course material on real websites across different industries.

Lifetime course updates


The exact processes I've used to grow my business. See the results other students are getting in the testimonials below. 

Slack Community


Access the private course Slack channel. Collaborate with hundreds of other students, and get questions answered.

You'll Also Get Lifetime Access to a
Growing Library of Playbooks...

Each Playbook covers a specific SEO process that can be sold as a service or used to train team members. Just log in, click play and follow along step-by-step with the supporting templates and process docs. 

The Content Audit Playbook

Content Audit Playbook gif

A repeatable process for performing technical content audits that consistently drive short and long term organic traffic/conversion growth. You'll learn how to:

  • Set Audit Goals & Assess Penalty Risks
  • Collect Your "Indexable" Content
  • Map Page-Level Data Points (at Scale)
  • Assign Action Items & Strategies
  • Find (and Fill) Content Gaps
  • Build Audit Reports & Prioritize Projects

"After implementing the strategy recommendations he covers in the course, we were able to grow organic traffic by over 30% in just 60 days. Fast forward a year, and WF has gone from 55,944 organic visits to over 100,000 organic visits a month!"

Olga Reznikova

Olga Rezikova, SEO Lead at Wedding Forward

The Keyword Research Playbook

Keyword Playbook gif

A repeatable process to find, prioritize and qualify high-value keywords, before mapping them to a site's information architecture. You'll learn how to:

  • Build & Prioritize Keyword Sets
  • Perform Deep Keyword Qualification
  • Assign Intent & Plan URL Structures
  • Build Keyword Maps
  • Scale Content Creation (With "Pipelines")
  • Track Rankings & KPIs

"I liked Robbie's blog and had high expectations for the course, but the value in it was even more than I expected! The Keyword Research Playbook completely changed the way I find and qualify new keyword opportunities. Perfect course if you're an intermediate or advanced SEO specialist. Extremely actionable!"

Georgi Todorov

Georgi Todorov, Strategist at DigitalNovas

The Quick Wins Playbook

Quick Wins Playbook

A repeatable data-driven process to find and filter "quick-win" keyword opportunities for sites of any size. You'll also learn a series of actionable relaunch strategies that consistently increase organic traffic and conversions within 60-90 days.

  • Extract Existing Keyword Data
  • Align Process & Site Monetization Models
  • Qualify Opportunities With SERP Data
  • Build Data-Driven Content Briefs
  • Master Content Relaunch Strategies
  • Measure Campaign Performance

"Robbie's course is a super actionable, step-by-step resource you can use to grow organic traffic. Just 45 days after implementing the tactics from the Content Relaunch module, I've increased organic traffic 84.11% to one of my articles, taking it from 9,119 to 16,789 organic visits!"


Konstantine Gegeshidze, SEO Consultant

Note: Students get to request and vote on new playbook topics.

Two New Clients in 5 Days...

Student Leigh Wasson used the material in one of the Playbooks to land two
new 4-figure clients
for his business within 5 days.

Chris Castillo


"I'd highly recommend Robbie's SEO Playbook. I think there's immense value for just about anybody whether you've been doing this before or just piecing the service together. We were able to quickly implement a lot of the things he's taught, including templates and processes, directly into our service and it's been a bit of a game changer for us in terms of our efficiency."

Chris Castillo (Owner/Founder, Propel Digital Media Solutions)

Gareth Daine


"This year, I've taken about 5 or 6 different courses, including TASS, GotchSEO Academy, The Lab, CRO Academy Pro, and Robbie's course.

All amazing courses, and Robbie's course is certainly one of the most in-depth (and actionable) training programs I’ve gone through."

Gareth Daine (Owner/Founder, Daine Media)


"Robbie's course, SEO Playbook, and the Slack community he has created have given me not only greater confidence, but the exact tools and processes in order to win new clients, and deliver projects that are both higher value and more sustainable over the long term. I really can't recommend this course enough for any SEO who wants to learn / adapt their delivery processes with Robbie's methodical and time-tested approach. Robbie is also an absolute asset when it comes to needing specific advice, and the whole community benefits daily from his knowledge and experience - which he shares openly once you're in."

Robbie Maltby (Lead Consultant, 33Global)

Watch Me Implement the Playbook Processes
on REAL Businesses (From Start to Finish)

Real Businesses

Unlike other SEO training courses that are filled with slides, theory and fluff, you’ll get to watch over my shoulder as I implement the training on real businesses, going from a blank template to a finished project you could sell to a client.

I record every step of the process in each Playbook so you can follow along step-by-step and implement everything I do, as I do it for your business and/or clients.

Running a team? No worries. Just hand off the Project Planners (below) to your staff for training. They contain links to all the videos, process docs and supporting templates. 

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Robbie on a Forbes article and was blown away by his knowledge of technical SEO. So, I was pumped when I found out he was creating a SEO Training Course. What I love about Robbie's training is that it's super practical, involving real businesses and diagnosing their SEO issues. It's something I can takeaway and use for my clients today."

Joe Escobedo

Joe Escobedo, Author/ Content Strategist

"The best hands-on course I have experienced in my 12 years working in SEO.

I'm using the Content Audit Playbook on a website that has been losing traffic and conversions. After only 3-4 hours of analysis, I've identified the issue, and it's suddenly clear to me what to do to turn this losing site into a winner again!

Laust Kehlet

Laust Kehlet, Owner at KH-Online

Repeatable Processes That Drive Consistent Results...

Aaron Minc

From 130 leads a month to over 400 a month...

When it comes to SEO, Robbie Richards and his team are the REAL DEAL. My business went from 3,000 visits and 130 leads a month to over 30,000 visits and 400 new leads a month.

AARON MINC //  Founder, Minc LLC

Devin Schumacher

Doubled organic traffic in 6 months...

The Content Audit Playbook has really helped out my agency, SERP co. We recently used the material from the Content Audit Playbook to clean up and optimize a client's site. In under 6 months we were able to almost double the website's organic traffic, going from 2,310 visits a week to 4,286 visits a week.


Olga Reznikova

From 55,000 to over 100,000 organic visits a month...

We were excited to have Robbie use Wedding Forward as a working example in The Content Audit Playbook. After implementing the strategy recommendations he covers in the course, we were able to grow organic traffic by over 30% in just 60 days. Fast forward a year, and WF has gone from 55,944 organic visits to over 100,000 organic visits a month!

OLGA REZNIKOVA  //  SEO Lead at Wedding Forward

Rohin Dua - TrafficValley

From 2,200 to 14,000 monthly organic visitors in 90 days...

We took our client's phone repair website from 2.200 to 14,000 monthly organic visitors in just 3 months using the processes taught in the Quick Wins Playbook.

ROHIN DUA  //  Lead Consultant, TrafficValley

Ryan Olestro

10x'ed organic traffic in 12 months...

We were hired by a client in a highly competitive industry (insurance) to develop a content strategy that would increase organic search traffic. Using Robbie Richard's SEO Playbook, we 10x'ed organic traffic to the site in our first year. 

RYAN OLESTRO  //  Marketing Specialist at Winbound

Jacob Bozarth

Top rankings for most competitive keywords...

Robbie’s Content Audit process in particular has helped move our blogs into the top 5 spots on Google on some of the most competitive and targeted keywords for our business. 

JACOB BOZARTH  //  Co-Founder & CEO, Resonate Recordings

Stay Organized & Boost Productivity
with Project Planners

Project Planners

Where do I start? What do I do next? Two questions you’ll never ask or hear again.

To make following the material and training team members as easy as possible, I’ve built centralized Project Planners that house all the process docs, templates and training videos in each Playbook.

Think of the Planners as a linear to-do list. Assign owners and watch your productivity (and RESULTS) skyrocket. 

"This course contains a library of step-by-step video tutorials, SOPs and templates you can take and apply it to your business (or a client's) immediately, and get results. Everything is organized in Planners, which makes following each Playbook and training our team members super easy."

Amanda Gant

Amanda Gant, Marketing Director at Orbit Media Studios

Listen To What Other Students Are Saying...

The SEO Playbook has helped hundreds of marketers build new skills and improve the quality of their SEO services.


After reading Robbie's free guides on Increasing Organic Traffic, I could tell he knew his sh*t. I picked up his course, and no regrets what-so-ever. There is a LOT of stuff to go through, and I mean a lot. It's broken up into short 3-20 minute videos for the most part, so it's easy to follow along and do the same work on my 2nd monitor as he's doing it.

Long story short, this is an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING course. It's NOT for beginners, but if you're a decent SEO and want to take your skills to another level, don't question it - just pick this up now. I'm not getting paid to write this or anything, just sharing my honest thoughts about it. Thanks Robbie, 2 thumbs up!

Jeff Lenney,  (Affiliate SEO)

Dave McCormack


"I've joined a lot of SEO groups and courses in the past, and I can say nothing comes close to the level of depth Robbie provides in his Playbooks. I've already gotten so much value from this course, and filled some important gaps in my agency's processes. Robbie's videos are easy to follow, eye opening, and most importantly, immediately actionable. Can't wait for next playbook to be added."

Dave McCormack (Digital Marketing Consultant)

Ryan Mendenhall headshot


"Our agency has added many of his processes into our bag of tricks and we're getting some phenomenal results for our clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend that every SEO learn all Robbie is willing to teach. Not doing so will put your ranking and traffic potential in serious danger."

Ryan Mendenhall (Digital Marketing Manager)

Get Your Questions Answered By Hundreds of SEOs...

The SEO Playbook Slack Community

When you enroll in The SEO Playbook, you get access to the course Slack mastermind group with hundreds of other members.

This is not only a direct line to me, but a great way to collaborate with, and learn from other SEO professionals. 

  • Get pressing questions answered
  • Learn what strategies work for others
  • Access new templates and processes
  • Share success stories 
  • Network and build relationships
  • Get personalized feedback and advice 

Join AMAs with some of the brightest minds in the industry

The SEO Playbook AMAs

"I've bought my fair share of SEO courses, but many of them were disappointingly below par and a waste of time/money. The SEO Playbook on the other hand is one of the best if you're looking for more advanced SEO training
I really enjoyed the detailed step by step processes and accompanied spreadsheets you get.
Best of all, and cherry on the top, is the high-end community you get access to where you can discuss SEO related issues with fellow members and Robbie himself. If you have any doubts or questions about the course hit me up on twitter @cobusvanvuuren."

Cobus Van Vuuren

Cobus Van Vuuren, SEO Consultant

Is This Course Right For You?

This course isn't for everyone. Here's who will get the most value from it.


  • You are an intermediate to advanced marketer who wants to learn repeatable processes that will deliver REAL results for your business, boss or clients. 
  • You want to quickly build new skill sets that will make you a more valuable employee.
  • You're an agency who wants step-by-step SOPs and training to get new employees billable faster.
  • You'll benefit from "over-the-shoulder" tactical walkthroughs that show you exactly how to implement specific SEO strategies.
  • You want lifetime access to all current AND future Playbooks, as well as access to the private Slack community with hundreds of SEO professionals. 


  • You are a beginner-level or newbie marketer with little knowledge of SEO. 
  • You already have detailed step-by-step processes to train employees and team members on SEO. 
  • You don't need any help getting more organic traffic and conversions.
Try the Course 100% Risk-Free
With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Despite the value this course promises to deliver, I understand it is a sizable investment for some people. That's why I provide a 30-day "full access" guarantee, so you can sign up today, access all the course content, and decide whether or not you want to stay enrolled.

If you decide the course is not for you, just email before the 30 days is up and I'll give a FULL refund. No questions asked.

This is a zero-risk opportunity to learn proven processes that will drive measurable results for your business. 

Hundreds of Other Happy Students...

Over 600 marketers have joined The SEO Playbook training program. Here's what a few of them had to say...

Jon Raubenheimer


I've read pretty much read every book, blog post and done every course on SEO, and I can honestly say hands down that Robbie's course is by far the best course out there. It's just super simple, very detailed, and most importantly, extremely actionable. It has helped me in my own learning, as well as heaps of my clients. We implement Robbie's strategies every day, and I'm looking forward to the next Playbook installment. Can't speak highly enough of the course. Go and get it!

Jon Raubenheimer (Senior Digital Account Manager at Quikclicks)

Alan Silvestri


I enrolled in the course when I was setting up my SEO company, Growth Gorilla. I was looking for a course that would help me achieve quick results for my clients. To test the course materials, I first implemented it on my own affiliate websites. The results were great, so I started rolling out the Playbook processes as services for my clients. Since doing this, I've been able to consistently grow organic traffic within a 1-2 month period. Very happy!

Alan Silvestri (Owner/ Founder, Growth Gorilla)

Rhona Aylward headshot


Robbie’s SEO playbook is an easy to understand, but seriously in-depth SEO course.
The videos are short, easy to digest & packed full of useful, actionable information. Whether you’re brand new or an SEO expert you’ll get something out of it.

As a senior marketer I’ve seen a lot of SEO courses in my time and this is one of the best out there.

Rhona Aylward (SEO Director)


“I've taken a LOT of SEO courses in the past. None of the them come close to the content in this course. It's organized, easy to follow, and laid out in a step-by-step format that makes it super actionable. You simply open up the templates, click play, and watch over Robbie's shoulder. You'll emerge with knowledge you can implement immediately in your business. Highly recommended for any serious marketer!"

Rishabh Jhunjhunwala (Digital Marketer)


“Robbie has done it again! He knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way to legitimate SEO results. Following in the footsteps of his success, you get to peek behind the veil to gain access to his pantry chock full of secret sauce. What you may be surprised to find is that this course is both deep and broad in its coverage of how to grow organic search engine traffic and rankings.”

Miles Anthony Smith (Director of Digital Marketing, Imaginasium)

Adam Ramshaw


“I’ve been using Robbie’s SEO and Content Audit playbooks for more than 12 months. They are very well researched and documented. The extensive templates make it easy to put into practice the detailed video lessons provided.

And he’s continually improving the content so it just gets better and better. The Slack community that you gain access to as a customer is filled with knowledgeable people who share their experience and Robbie is often the first one to jump in and provide real world advice to any SEO related problem.”

Adam Ramshaw (B2B Business Growth Consultant, Genroe)

Paul Leary


“Robbie, you're not charging enough for this course. It should be at least $997. 

Paul Leary (CEO, Are You On Page 1)

Questions You Might Have

Here are answers to the most common questions:

What difficulty level is The SEO Playbook?

What equipment/ tools do I need to complete the playbooks?

How actionable are the playbooks?

How long are the playbooks?

How long will I have access to the content?

Can I pay with PayPal?

What if I don’t like the content?

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

I've been following Robbie's work for over 4 years and every piece of content he produces is always packed with tons of value. Robbie is a marketing practitioner who runs his own agency. He knows his stuff really well, and, most importantly, he's great at teaching it!

Tim Soulo

CMO, Ahrefs

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