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"38 Ways You Can Use SEMrush to Build Profitable Digital Marketing Campaigns...

New SEMrush Playbook cover

This 12,000+ word ebook will show you step-by-step how to use each SEMrush Toolkit to plan, build and execute profitable SEO and PPC campaigns for your business and/or clients...today.  

A few of the things you'll learn:

  • How to analyze competitor traffic strategies
  • How to perform advanced keyword research
  • How to dissect competitor ad campaigns
  • How to build (and scale) link building campaigns
  • How to find (and remove) toxic backlinks 
  • How to perform content and technical SEO audits
  • How to audit and optimize on-page content
  • How to track rankings and build white label reports
  • How to track and manage multiple campaigns
  • And a LOT more...
Kyle Faber


The SEMrush Playbook guide from Robbie is one of the most info-rich and actionable guides available. From quick wins to repeatable processes, it gives you tactic after tactic for how you can use SEMrush to build an SEO flywheel that drives increased traffic. Highly recommended!

Kyle Faber - Director, SEO at Trusted Media Brands, Inc.